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Not your Mama’s Arneis…

Confession: I have been unnecessarily prejudiced against Arneis.  I am guilty of thinking that this lovely little Piemontese grape produces white wines that can be a little flabby, uninteresting or bland.  This all changed the day I tasted a version from Matteo Correggia.

This Arneis was lively and fun- like a bubbly sorority girl.  She’s the life of the party.  Perhaps an appropriate metaphor for Arneis, whose name means “little rascal” due its wily, difficult nature in the vineyard.   I was captivated by the aromatics- strong notes of Bosc pear skin and white flowers.  On the palate the wine is explosive, and rich with acidity and juicy yellow peaches.

We tasted this wine at Sitka & Spruce in Seattle, alongside a fabulous little black bean soup topped with a perfectly runny poached egg.

A Lesson in Humility: This is not your mama’s Arneis.

Paolo Scavino: A Song of Love, a Symphony

I love stumbling on a hidden gem on the back rack of a wine shop… forgotten older vintages are like familiar old friends.  These are the wines you always remember- they mark a time and a place in your life you never forget.

I had a bit of wonderful luck in Seattle when I rescued a 2001 Paolo Scavino Barolo Carobric, from the shelves of a local retailer.  We decided to open it at Sitka and Spruce, where we shared it with anyone who was willing to taste.  When you feel this good, you have to spread the love around. Continue reading

Cesanese del Piglio: I’m Smiling in Seattle.

How awesome is it to step into a wine shop in Seattle and find one of the most obscure grapes in Italy, made by a world-class producer almost nobody in the US has ever heard of?  It’s very awesome.

I was thrilled to see this lovely bottling from Casale della Ioria, a single vineyard Cesanese del Piglio, DOCG from the Campo Novo vineyard.  All black pepper on the nose and palate, with a generous helping of snappy blackberry and spice- this is a beautiful gem of a wine, and almost impossible to find in the US.

Seattle’s Italian wine scene really makes me happy.

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