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Artichokes meet their match: Terlano Nova Domus.


Beautiful arugula and shaved artichoke salad at Terra Rossa in the Red Rock Casino.  What more could you ask than a glass of Terlano’s Nova Domus? Elegant acidity, perfumed with mountain flowers and wet stones. Perfection.

Nova Domus: Alto Adige in the City.

Terlano Nova Domus, a wine to win over the hearts and minds of everyone in San Francisco.  This wine is everything I love about Alto Adige.  A classic blend of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, aged 12 months on the lees in both large and small oak barrels.  A touch of freshness from the Sauvignon- the only varietal in the blend vinified without malolactic fermentation- which balances the richness of the silky-smooth Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay.

Heady aromatics, minerality for days, and a crisp, clear, linear acidity that will make you shudder.  This wine is a sensory experience.  There is a luscious texture on the palate- unctuous and sultry.  Mouth-coating and tingly with fresh mountain winds.  You can almost hear the rush of the river and feel the shock of the cold alpine sunshine.

Terlano’s Nova Domus is also a perfect match for the smoked speck of Alto Adige, and any of the region’s delicious cheeses.

Do you really need anything else?





And… we’re off to Portland for the next stop on the Alto Adige tour!

Following the Food in North Beach, San Francisco

We needed a place to take some clients so that we could open a few bottles of wine, enjoy some food, and talk about how much we love Terlano wines.  Don Jost, my San Francisco guide, selected Rose Pistola in North Beach.  After eating here I wonder- have I (culinarily-speaking) written this neighborhood off unfairly?

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