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Lou’s Four Wine Commandments for Thanksgiving

Vini Thanksgiving 2012

A few wines for our Thanksgiving Feast 2012… I hope Lou approves!

I love Thanksgiving- a truly American holiday where we get together to cook, eat, and drink (and drink, and drink, and drink).  I just saw this little piece by Lou Amdur and thought I’d re-post it here.  He is a genius and some kind of savant when it comes to everything and anything fermented.  If you’re ever in the Los Angles area, you can meet him in person at Lou Provisions & Wine

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Budbreak in Bolzano. Bring on the Lagrein!

Budbreak Taber LagreinI visited  Cantina Bolzano in Alto Adige last week with the team from AI Selections for the first time.  It was clear that Spring was just beginning to stretch and yawn.  We arrived in that perfect moment where Winter has almost released its cold, bony grasp.  The cusp of change- the very tipping point before a full-blown explosion into bloom.  The vineyards at Cantina Bolzano are the perfect place to see it all happen, in high-definition. Continue reading

Cantina Bolzano: Unparalleled Pinot Grigio and an Unforgettable Lagrein

I made quite a few discoveries during my time with the Alto Adige tour this week.  One of my favorite new producers is a co-operative winery in Bolzano called Cantina Bolzano.  The winery has access to the grapes of over 200 tiny growers’ estates, ensuring they can select the very highest-quality fruit.

The result is a collection of wines that speak for themselves…

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