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Inspiration by Turkey, Food by Mark McDonald, Wine by Sardegna.

Chef Mark McDonald in TurkeyFood and wine are some of the most influential components of any journey for me.  It is the flavors, color and aromas of the things we feed ourselves that begin to define any foreign experience.  These are the real souvenirs of any vacation- the lasting impressions of real life in other places.

When I learned Chef Mark McDonald of Old Vine Cafe would be  travelling to Turkey on a food-focused Culinary exchange, I knew he would come home with some amazing new creations. Continue reading

Decisioni, Decisioni…

Dettori Cannonau @BiCEThis is a very important question:

What does a winemaker drink, when she’s not drinking her own wine?

Continue reading

Tenute Dettori: A Natural Obsession in Sardegna

I have a new obsession: the wines of Tenute Dettori in Sardegna.  Alessandro Dettori must be one of the most strong-willed and polarizing figures in the Italian wine community today.  He is committed to producing truly natural, extremly authentic wines from his little plot of Badde Nigolosu, within the IGT subzone of Romangia. I had heard so many stories about this winery, by the time I had the chance to taste the wines I didn’t think they could live up to the legends they had become in my mind.

Somehow, they exceeded expectations.  Continue reading

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