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Special Delivery

Special Delivery:  It’s a happy day when this shows up on your front porch!

I was really flattered when my friend Aaron Epstein asked me to help him with a project he started a few months ago: Le Metro. Wine. Underground.  Every month he sends out a 6-bottle package of carefully curated wines to his small (but Wakagrowing) group of consumers.  Weird, wacky wines.  Tasty and surprisingly affordable finds.  New.  Fresh.  Inspiring!

Subscribers receive the wines each shipment, along with a beautiful piece of artwork filled with Aaron’s  notes on the wines, the winemakers, and the terroir of the wineries.  The other side of the poster (which arrives artfully tucked into a record sleeve-holder) is filled with an info-graphic designed by the queen of graphic wine education herself, Elaine Chukan Brown.

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Rose-Colored Glasses: Lunch @ Sitka & Spruce

Sometimes being in Seattle is like living in a Batman movie… all grey skies, gloomy, threatening clouds.  There’s a perpetual wetness, the smell of a clinging fog, of damp grass and wet pavement.

When this kind of melancholy threatens, there is no better cure than a sunny glass of rose.  Thank heavens for Sitka & Spruce, where you can find at least a handful of these cloud-clearing pink wines by the glass at any moment.

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Colli di Lapio, Irpinia Campi Taurasini. Just Delicious.


I have always loved the Colli di lapio Fiano d’Avellino.  My first experience of this wine was at the restaurant A16 in San Francisco.  I was truly struck by it’s waxy fullness, a round well-structured wine that is held up by sheer minerality and a resulting viscosity.  This is the real Fiano- a white wine that speaks of volcanoes and Roman invasions and hundereds of years of pounding tides and unrelenting sunshine.

When I saw this bottle of Campi Taurasini by Colli di Lapio at the Wine House, I simply couldn’t resist.  If Clelia Romano can make such magic out of her Fiano grapes, imagine what she can do with a grape like Aglianico… Continue reading

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