Warning: Terroir Threat Level Orange @aiselections @StVincentSF

Lynch Agent OrangeDavid Lynch @StVincentSF, photo by Levi Dalton @Levi_Opens_Wine

I’m on my way to one of my favorite cities in the world- San Francisco. Benjamin Zidarich, one of the most wonderful human beings ever to put wine in a bottle, is starting his California tour today.  We begin our trip with a seminar on the Carso region at St. Vincent, followed by a whirlwind of meetings and appointments.

Azienda Zidarich was founded in 1988. The winery is located in a beautiful and unique corner of Italy’s Friuli region, known as the Karst (Carso in Italian.)
With his strong personality, innovative spirit and great determination, Benjamin Zidarich revolutionized his father’s company by expanding the vineyards and focusing on native grape varieties, including the elusive Vitovska, a special white varietal found nowhere else in the world.Benjamin Zidarich and his Vitovska

Benjamin Zidarich:  Photo Credit: 52todo.com

It is my pleasure and my honor to help represent these magical Carso wines.  Looking forward to seeing you all along the way- from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the Carso Chaos Tour 2013 begins today!



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