Tu Vuò Fà L’Americano @FeedBodySoul

Americano @FEEDThe “Americano” at FEED in Venice Beach.

I had this refreshing cocktail the other evening in Venice Beach, expertly made by FEED’s adorably-dread-locked Mikey Santiago.  I love this version, which replaces the traditional Campari with Oregon-made Calisaya Liquore.  They stir this aromatic and perfectly bitter concoction together with soda water and a bit of house-made sweet red vermouth.  The perfect thirst-quencher for these sweltering summer days.

Ingredients Americano @FEEDFEED’s Americano ingredients.

A lot of FEED’s cocktails are similarly playful and fun, using natural, organic ingredients from local, small suppliers as much as possible.  Calisaya is a great Campari substiution here, as it’s actually an Italian recipe, re-interpreted by an American company.  This in itself makes it a perfect ingredient in a drink called an “Americano”, which makes me think of Renato Carasone’s epic tuneTu vuò fà l’Americanowhich is indeed a song about the longing of a young Napoletano boy to seem “American”.

vocado Toast @FEEDFEED’s Avocado Toast- definitely Californian- NOT Italian, but delicious.

Snacks @FEEDBar snacks @FEED, definitely more Italian!

FEEDRoberto diFilippo and Mikey Santiago (improptu Italian-American arm-wrestling).

There’s always a fascination with the “other“- whether you’re an Italian boy who wants to smoke Camels and wear blue jeans, or your an American girl with dreams of dangling her feet in the Tevere.  It’s a wide, beautiful world out there…

If you have 3 minutes to listen to this recording from Renato Carsone, I guarantee it will put a smile on your face- Italians and Americans alike!

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