Viva Las Vegas! (Quello che succede a Las Vegas…)

This morning I am off to Las Vegas with the Banville & Jones winemakers tour.  San Francisco’s event yesterday was a smashing success!  I can tell the Italians are excited to see Las Vegas (some for the very first time!)  I wonder how they are going to like the Venetian Casino‘s statues and canals, or its version of the Piazza San Marco?  One thing is for sure- they are going to love the CarneVino version of a Venetian Spritz.  Especially if my buddy Coop is manning the bar.

If you’re in the neighborhood, we’ll be showing our wines at the famous “Alchemy Room” of our amazing distributor, Wirtz Beverage, Nevada today, May 3 from Noon-4pm.

I also learned the true international power of Las Vegas’ infamous marketing campaign, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  Before heading off to our rooms for bed last night, our charming Amarone producer Claudio Farina turned to me and said,

“Joanie, remember, quello che succede a Las Vegas, rimane a Las Vegas”.

True, Claudio.  Very true.  And… we’re off!

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