Give me Chianti, or Give me Death!

This “Le Trame” Chianti is an example of how very magical Sangiovese can be.  Giovanna Morgante makes this wine from meticulous, organically farmed vineyards, with very little intervention in the cellar. It’s perfectly balanced, countering the spicy, earthy, slightly ashy notes with vivid, bloody dark cherry flavors. The fruit is fresh, currently firm and spicy showing a structure that will age gracefully as its edges round and mellow.  The acidity is plentiful- just perfect to combat an aged T-bone, hot off the grill.  It’s the perfect marriage really, and elegant, refined wine paired with such a masculine, bloody, primal cut of beef.

We celebrated our Anniversary this year with this gorgeous cut of beef- aged into submission and full of complex, blue cheese and foie gras aromatics.  The Podere Le Boncie “Le Trame” Chianti was a brilliant suggestion by my personal wine guru Lance Montalto of the Wine House.  When a truly geeky wine geek flips out over something as “mundane” as Chianti, you know it’s something special.

The wine was stupendous- a reminder why Sangiovese has captured the hearts of so many wine lovers.  The essence of fruit, acidity, earthy complexity and a hint of that special Italian magic.  This wine whispers, in the wake of all these re-discovered ancient, funky Italian wine grapes, “don’t forget Sangiovese, don’t forget Chianti!”

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