Credo, San Francisco: This Restaurant Has Something to Say!

Nestled into the landscape of the Financial District you’ll find Credo, one of the wordiest little restaurants I’ve ever seen.  The walls are stark white, a blank canvas for the thousands of sayings and quotations peppering every available surface.  It’s an inspiring place to grab a drink or enjoy a meal with friends, and it’s so fabulously San Francisco.

Credo’s decor is clean, modern and sustainable design in practice.  For example, the tables are hand-made by world-renowned Dutch craftsman Piet Hein Eek. Composed entirely of scrap wood, each table is unique, the product of hours of human labor and a keen devotion to sustainable design.

The menu is eclectic, but still homey and comfortable.  The wine and cocktail offerings are both trendy, and yet includes my favorite classics.

I enjoyed a delicious Montesecco at the bar while my friend Don Jost, Italian Amaro Purist, enjoyed his Montenegro simply chilled over ice.  All the better to concentrate on that symphony of found poems littering the walls in front of us.

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